Nature Parts Australia is a provider to the nature play industry of bespoke play pieces designed to support educational development.

Nature Parts Australia utilises sustainable handpicked materials to create unique play pieces for you to incorporate in your own designs.

“I always remember as a child, going bush with my Dad on the weekends to collect wandoo for his artistic projects. There was something special about this time together. Only now as an adult am I understanding the importance of these experiences. Nature Parts Australia has enabled me to create unique and meaningful play pieces that draw from these childhood memories of learning through play.”
~ Ben Baarspul, Creative Director.

Our components are crafted in conjunction with the Animal Fun© program, recognising the importance of learning through play in a child’s development. Our selection of custom or stock pieces allows you the freedom to create an amazing space within your budget and to suit the capabilities and skill sets of the children you’re working with.

We can also arrange supply and installation through our partner Project Scape Australia

Animal Fun has teamed up with Nature Parts Australia and Project Scape Australia to not only create a bespoke playground – but one that meets the developmental and educational needs of young children.

Many of the elements of each playground have been thoughtfully designed to incorporate the Animal Fun© program and offers children of all abilities challenges which will enhance their physical and social development.

Animal Fun is an evidenced-based program designed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists from the Health Sciences Faculty at Curtin University. A 3 year randomised-controlled research project to assess the effectiveness of the program found that the children who participated in Animal Fun significantly improved their motor skills and social skills, and there was also a significant decrease in hyperactive and inattentive behaviours when compared to children in the control schools.

Project Scape Australia provides a bespoke design experience where every playground or project we create is unique – customised to suit individual budgets and spaces.

Project Scape Australia designs customised play equipment by hand to enable little minds to explore, create and imagine. We offer:

  • Bespoke design – no two projects are alike.
  • Sustainable construction – utilising locally sourced natural and recycled materials.
  • Aligned with National Quality Framework – our projects are thoughtfully designed to help you meet the NFQ and this is further enhanced by our partnership with Animal Fun©.
  • After sales support – our passion and expertise allows us to deliver a tailored service plan suited to your existing or recently installed nature play spaces.

We believe every child deserves the right to play in nature and we will work with you to ensure we can maximise your play space potential.

Our parts are designed to utilise the Animal Fun principles of movement to promote motor skills and social skill development in young children.